A.B. Jackson

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The Wilderness Party
(Bloodaxe Books, 2015)

The Wilderness Party cover

Poetry Book Society Recommendation, autumn 2015

"At A.B. Jackson's Wilderness Party you never know quite what will happen at the next inventive and fantastical turn of thought – always elegantly dressed and poised, working with beautiful musical control, Jackson's poems in this collection are wired for unpredictable play and fancy. Wryly volatile and resistant, his language is open at every step to the high-energy transformations that spark from the metrical and harmonic patternings of his phrasing."
        Jane Draycott / John Burnside, PBS Bulletin

"'Demons occupy the air' in A.B. Jackson's new collection, but, as Dracula once remarked, what sweet music they make. What is it like, these poems ask, to exist outside or on the fringes of sacred space? These are canticles of praise to the wily as well as to the wonderful."
        W.N. Herbert

Review by Stewart Sanderson at The Bottle Imp.
Review by Kat Chadbourn at Dundee University Review of the Arts.

(Donut Press, 2011)

Apocrypha cover

Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice, summer 2011 (limited edition of 250 copies)

"Apocrypha offers the reader a series of re-wired parables and transplanted morality tales: one moment you'll be dealing with Judas and Lazarus, the next you're back in 21st century Scotland, enjoying 'tea so strong / you could trot a mouse on it'. Gradually, you realise that these two worlds are one and the same: they have been crushed together by Jackson's compacted, glittering language."
        Paul Batchelor / Sasha Dugdale, PBS Bulletin

Review by Zoë Brigley at Magma magazine.
Review by Paul Batchelor at The Guardian.

Fire Stations
(Anvil, 2003)

Fire Stations cover

Winner of the Forward Prize for Best First Collection 2003

"A.B. Jackson has found a new voice for the 21st century. His stark admixtures of the sacred and surreal have the Gothic fascination of gold-inlaid medieval crucifixes. These poems are harsh, inventive, compassionate, disturbing. A lingering wit and an eye for the sinister keep the reader in suspense."
        Anne Stevenson

"Demanding and ambitious work: direct, sharp in manner, with an intellectual edge, a valedictory quality."
        John Greening

Review by Andrew Neilson at Magma magazine.